Our form of charity is as a Christian grantmaker.  We award donations to charities which we have deemed to be both responsible and effective in the fulfillment of their charitable objectives.  We do not attempt to influence the mission of charities receiving awards, rather we investigate first so as to determine whether or not we feel comfortable as a financial partner towards the fulfillment of each organization's objectives.
Our Grant Cycle
We have both a formal and informal grant cycle.  Our organization does not necessarily prefer one method of administrating the grant cycle over another.  Internally we decide by which method we will approach any given grant in real-time, as we feel each situation warrants.
Our formal method in administrating the grant cycle begins when we first investigate charities which we know to accomplish objectives that are important to us.  Then, we will ask them to submit a grant application to us by sending them an invitation from our board.  Our grant cycle continues from there as our board evaluates the application against internal criteria.  If the application receives approval, then the fourth step will be to establish a grant agreement in writing between us and the potential grantee.  After the grant agreement is set into place, the award will be released.  Finally, we ask grantees to report back as to the effectiveness of the grant dollars after they have been spent.
Our informal method is much simpler and we simply conduct a pre-grant inquiry and then release the award.
Please note that the foundation only makes contributions to preselected charitable organizations and does not accept unsolicited requests for funds.